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Did you know you are loved by God?

You may not know Him, but He already loves you.  In fact, He created you.

He knows everything you have done, everything you desire.  All your hopes and dreams, your hurts and your frustrations.  And He cares about all of it.  Because He cares about You.

He showed how much He loves you.  After creating a beautiful world that mankind ruined by sin, hurting one another and damaging our relationship with a perfect God, God chose to fix things.

He gave the world Jesus.  Fully God, fully human, Jesus came and showed that love here on earth.  He then showed the ultimate love, by dying for humanity on a cross, and then rising again in the flesh, so that whoever believes in Him can be brought back into right relationship with God.

Jesus ascended into heaven, but poured out His Holy Spirit on believers, giving them power to be witnesses to this truth.

Do you believe this?

If you have never said sorry for your sins, then please take time to reflect on this truth;  God loves you and wants for you to turn away from sin, and turn to hIm.  

He also has provided the way for you to do this.

So what is stopping you?  If you would like us to listen to your questions, talk about faith, and pray with you - simply contact us.

If you already cling to this truth, then we encourage you to be a part of God's mission - the one Jesus handed to all disciples - to be a disciple who makes disciples. 

Be a part of the local church; A place to become more Christlike
and help others in their journey.

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