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need a Pastor?

Newborn Baby
Births, dedications, and baptisms


We love babies!  We offer baby dedications for those within the church, as well as delighting in providing new parents with community (and meals).

We do not perform Baptisms for babies or young children.  It is our belief that Baptism is not a saving act, but rather we need to be saved through repentance and faith in Jesus!  We celebrate a person's faith and the work of God within them through acts such as membership, testimony, baptism, and other celebrations of faith.

Engaged Couple

Looking for someone to officiate your wedding? Our pastors are licensed by the State of Indiana to perform weddings, both here at Dewart Lake, as well as in other venues.

We do not simply want you to have a good wedding, we want you to have a great marriage! That is why our pastors meet with couples to plan their day, and to provide opportunities before and after the wedding to help your marriage be one that lasts for a lifetime.


For our policy on officiating weddings, please click here.


We work with local funeral homes, and families to conduct gospel-centered funerals for those within our community.

Please contact us if you need prayer, pastoral care, and/or assistance officiating a funeral for a loved one.

Public Speaking

It has been our honor to provide prayer at numerous community events such as Relay for Life.  If you need a pastor for a community event, or are interested in our pastors speaking at your business or organization, please contact us.

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