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Tired of life being complicated? In a busy world, simple worship offers us the chance to de-clutter our minds and hearts.  Our approach is simple, to allow the richness and beauty of God to shine.  Whether we sing with the piano, worship with guitars, include drums - it doesn't matter.  For what we seek to offer is never performance, nor simply a temporary experience, but worship that echoes throughout our lives all week.


Here at Dewart Lake, every generation can find their home; a place where children are not ignored, nor excluded, but fully included in worship.  Where seniors, twenties and preschoolers can grow one another.  Where relationships are discovered and grown.  Community at its richest.


Every generation is part of God's family.  That is why we welcome everyone to worship together.  Our goal on a Sunday and every day is that we would worship Jesus with our full hearts, and live lives that are fully devoted to Him.  


We gather together to participate in worship together, and to grow in Him alongside one another.  


We gather not simply to worship - but live lives of worship.

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