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"God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble."

Psalm 46:1

Can you believe the storms we have had recently?  A week ago we were witnesses to an all out thunderstorms and lightning show that lit up the sky more than July 4th. The power of nature is immense, beautiful, and scary.

“Mom, can I sleep in your bed?” is the refrain we hear every time there is a storm. Knowing their fears, we occasionally acquiesce, and tuck our two small children into our bed while we wait for them to fall asleep, so we can move them and claim our own place to sleep for the night.

While not desirable, there is something moving about it. Our bed is a place of safety. When fears run high, it is the place they want to be. There is comfort from being there, and it is the place that helps them rest, and gives them the ability to wait it out. To hide until their troubles pass.

As adults, we don’t run to our parents bed. We have found new and innovative places to run to. We turn to things to ease our fears, and to help us wait our problems out. We tune out with technology as we mindlessly skim Facebook, we lose ourselves in a TV program, we feel our bodies relax with a beer, and we isolate in the garage, or emotionally withdraw from the world for a time. We wait it out, hiding until our troubles pass.

We forget that our fears don’t require a thing or a place to ease them. But a person. Perhaps children are closer to realizing this when they run to their parents bed. A place associated with love and tenderness. A place they have been held in their early years. They run to the comfort associated with a parent. A place their parents presence is felt. For it is the parent that helps them face those fears.

Is it strange to realize that our presence as parents bring comfort? Or is it simply a reflection of God, the perfect parent. Who knew the importance of presence. Whether in a garden, an ark, a cloud, an ark, a tabernacle, a temple, Jesus, His people the Church, or alone with His Holy Spirit for company…..  He knew we needed His presence, and gave it willingly.

Where will you find your Father’s presence when those fears come?

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