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What happened to the summer? I think that is something many people are asking. First we were waiting for it, and now it’s pumpkin spice latte time in the coffee shops. What happened to summer?

Here at Dewart Lake, summer is a busy season. We have a weekly outreach ministry to the lake, providing music and a devotional message each week. We have a weekly worship service for the community to join in worshipping God together. There are opportunities for being with people. Baptisms, celebrations, weddings to plan or attend. Then there are children whose hours at home multiply, as does the amount of times “I’m bored” is repeated. Lawns need to be mowed, weeds pulled, graduations, family, and....didn’t we only just mow that lawn!

Summer is busy.

But then so many will say of the Fall that it too was busy as we end that season of family and thanksgiving, and raking millions of leaves. Then there will be winter, Christmas and a new year. Snow removal, and school delays. Busy. Then will be the spring, with Easter, and a sudden urge to be outside after being cooped up for the winter months. Busy.

It’s like life is an all action sports event. Players running around on the pitch, the ball flying this way and that, and everyone trying to keep pace. Ever feel like you are the one chasing that ball but have no idea which way it just went because the thing just is too fast?

Every parent says “enjoy the kids while they are little. It goes so fast” and they are right. Not because kids grow too fast, but because life passes us by so fast, the Bible describes it as a “vapor” (James 4:14) - a mist that appears then vanishes. How much we have managed to cram into it.

It’s not surprising that in this fast paced life, a common refrain is “I don’t have time to read my Bible” or “I don’t have time to worship.”   We wait for a new season, but the truth is, unless we are intentional about it, we could wait forever. We need not simply to passively wait, but to actively press pause.

We pause the game to assess. To reflect. To think. We pause our movie to refuel on snacks. And we pause life to reconnect. To give thanks. To worship.

This blog is that pause button. Each week, grab a coffee or one of your eight glasses of water you need, and pause life just for a moment.  You can go back to it. But first pause to reflect, talk to Jesus, listen to His voice, and be still.  Even players get a half time.

God initiated a sabbath of rest. He knew we would need it. Not for groceries. Not for jet skis. Not for the mall. But for Him. In all the busyness and action in Mark’s Gospel, Mark still notes that Jesus paused from the busyness of teaching, healing, casting out demons, and traveling. Luke reminds us that he often withdrew to pray (Luke 5:16). Yet somehow we pretend we don’t need to rest, or fill a day off with more busy things. Instead of the art of multitasking, we need to get better at un-tasking; Being still, and pressing pause, and learning the skill of a mini sabbath.

Let us take a mini one together, and pause. ||

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