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We love to meet together.  However we want people to stay safe.  Therefore if there is a severe weather advisory in place which advises against traveling, groups, meetings, and worship are cancelled, unless other arrangements are communicated.

Boat In

Boat In weather decisions are made by 8am.  Rarely, we must cancel for severe weather, or substantial rain.  Any cancellation is communicated on our Facebook page.


Our building is owned and managed by Quaker Haven Camp.  Should you wish to be married at Dewart Lake Community Friends Church, please contact Quaker Haven for information about availability, and to discuss your wedding/reception requirements.

Our Pastors are licensed to perform weddings in the State of Indiana.  

As a Christian organization, Dewart Lake Community Friends Church recognizes the marriage defined as the spiritual and legal union of one man to one woman.  

We are aware that often marriages have failed, including those times prior to a person coming to an understanding of the covenant promises made, and now seeks to remarry.  Therefore, remarriages that are sought prayerfully, and seek to honor God, may be performed by our Pastors.

Children & Youth

We take the care of children seriously.  We ask all volunteers working with children to be willing to undergo a criminal background check.  In addition, we ensure that the ministry we undertake with children happens in a visible space.  Where ministry happens in a private setting, such as in providing transport for young people, we arrange this so that children are paired with a volunteer of the same gender ministry, and where possible multiple people are present. 


It is our belief and practice that God created humanity male and female.  These genders are recorded at birth, and cannot be changed.  Our ministries respect the genders that were recorded at birth and minister according to people accordingly.  This includes, but is not limited to, ensuring counseling, ongoing discipleship, hospital visits and ministry to young people are offered with a Pastor/leader of the same gender as the person receiving such ministry, or alternatively with prior agreement, and another person present, or in a public space.

As the church meets on property rented from Quaker Haven Camp, we respect and defer to all policies of building usage set forth by Quaker Haven Camp.

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