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As we dig into Scripture we find many things in ourselves that are broken.  Perhaps it is past hurts, perhaps bad habits, perhaps sinful struggles. 

We also face the trials of life in a fallen world; other people's sinfulness, physical pain, and grief.  We want to walk with you in your healing journey.

Prayerful pastoral care is available areas such as marriage and family counsel, addiction, sin/temptation,  divorce, grief and other areas of struggle.

Pastors Dan and Cara have both received training in Pastoral Counseling*, in addition, our Ministry & Oversight Team (Elders) visit the sick in hospital and at home, and the church community provides a space and love for you to heal.

* Pastoral Counseling is non-clinical, non-licensed counseling.  Where helpful, our pastors will recommend licenced professionals to partner with, including those supporting a Christian perspective.  All pastoral care is conducted in a public setting, and/or with a pastor of the same gender.  Home visits to the sick or shut in are conducted by leaders of the same gender, or with a spouse present.

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