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grow up(wards)

We are called by God to change.  

First is the change where we accept Jesus as our Savior.  Then comes the ongoing change as we dig into the life we have been saved to.

To grow, we must look up; listening to God, and discerning His voice.


Individually, and together we can take these four steps towards growing up in Him:





We grow when we have a space to.  So we make space.

Car Side Mirror
Lending a Helping Hand


Bible Study

Sunday Morning Small Groups with thematic studies, Spiritual Growth tools, and Scripture study. 

Family  materials to help you grow together


Devotional Materials

Bible based sermons

Our blog "Pause"


Community Groups are spaces to allow us to process what we hear on a Sunday, and to encourage one another to live it out. They are also safe spaces of prayer, and sharing - as well as warm hospitality and tasty treats.

In addition, we encourage daily acts of prayer, Bible reading, and examination to see how God is speaking to you.


As we dig into Scripture we find many things in ourselves that are broken.  Perhaps it is past hurts, perhaps bad habits, perhaps sinful struggles. 

We also face the trials of life in a fallen world; other people's sinfulness, physical pain, and grief.  We want to walk with you in your healing journey.

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Electronic Wires


Being with one another, helping one another grow in knowledge and grace is needed.  So too is the opportunity to grow in service, and live on God;s mission.

Get involved, try out new talents, lead, and grow. Take new steps, and discover how you have been wired.

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